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Pointless Facts Pointlessly Uncovered In the Interest of Procrastination
Kira Posted: Tue Oct 12 00:24:30 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There is apparently no character limit for comments on this forum. I was able to copy 61,410 letter A's without encountering a stop.

In the interest of science I should've tried to post it, but I had rather leave it a theory I think.

mat_j Posted: Tue Oct 12 05:02:00 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hmmm maybe you should use the disclaimer i sometimes am forced to use when doing experiments.

"I am not a scientist, what i do is not science and should not be construed as such. If i claim to be performing a scientific study i should be quietly allowed about my task unhindered as if aggrevated I can become aggressive and may attack humans if I feel threatened."

webmaster Posted: Tue Oct 12 14:11:28 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The 'no-limit' was based on trust that people in here are good, and would not abuse it. So far, that has not happened and I, thankfully, have not had to kick anyone.


Kira Posted: Tue Oct 12 22:02:36 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Yet another example of why you are the best webmaster EVER.

Kira Posted: Sun Oct 24 23:26:05 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Firefox's spellchecker doesn't like accent marks. This pointless (?) fact discovered after going to great pains to acquire them.

Also I have come one step closer to proving that abyssinians are actually dogs masquerading as cats. Mine plays FETCH!


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