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The Things
mat_j Posted: Tue Nov 2 09:21:56 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Arrgh, It's been a country while since anyone posted their own stuff so i thought i would leap onto the grenade and do it myself, it's technically one poem but it's broken down into sections.

I wrote this last year, the people involved have both been repaired and are once again functioning and constructive members of society. As far as I'm aware anyway...

The things in the break up


We lay in each others arms
Falling apart.

Like cousin kings
Sending Christmas cards
On the eve of war.

I stare out of the window
The stars dull my argument.

You laugh bitterly
And cut me down with ease,
You only see the wall.

Unmade Bed.

Id meet you in the middle
Of the self induced kidnap,
Me & you under the duvet.

Now when I remember it
Were not working together
Were heavy
And drowning
In a sack.


Im haunted by the smiley face
Appearing in the steam,
Drawn by your finger
In the bathroom mirror
To cheer me up one time
When I was miserable.


Different to the last time I saw it
Same colour, same material
But now big enough
To fit a curled up woman inside.


I notice the water
Runs slowly in the shower now.

Dust settles on the TV screen
As the only thing we do together
Is decide to spend time apart.

We cant be civil any more
You dont look at me
We talk through the ice cold
Glass of the mirror
As you vigorously brush
The dead out of your hair.

Cup of Coffee.

There was an armistice
That Sunday morning,
With newspapers and
Elbows on the table.

Without the need to look strong
We could yawn in each others
Company again.

We sat quietly
Knives resting on plates
Not necks.

You told me
That you enjoyed the coffee.


I find a towel
In the wash basket
Mostly clean
Apart from the imprint
Of a sad face.

Swiss Watch.

You on the bed
Smoking Cigarettes,
Me putting my shirt on.

This is it the end
But everything
Still runs like clockwork.


Due to the terms of my surrender
You agreed to walk me to the bus stop
That cold morning.
I wanted to hold you
And I suspect you wanted the same.
Instead you waved goodbye
With your sleeves pulled up over
Your hands.

And our ship sails-
Overcoat, scarf, hats, tear, suitcase.

choke Posted: Mon Nov 8 06:38:46 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  This is lovely :)

mat_j Posted: Tue Nov 9 16:41:53 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Thanks Choke, I heart you very much for that :-D

sweet p Posted: Thu Nov 11 18:39:47 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  okay, this makes up for the torture of the food thread.
times two hundred and ten.

really wonderful, mat.

choke Posted: Fri Nov 12 04:31:35 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mat_j said:
>Thanks Choke, I heart you very much for that :-D

I heart you just in general

Kira Posted: Fri Nov 12 19:51:36 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I thought this thread was about a band. *embarrassed face*

My favorite part is the Mirror.

mat_j Posted: Mon Nov 15 08:54:40 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  

Thank you so much guys, it means a lot!

misszero Posted: Tue Nov 30 00:32:48 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  thanks mat


mat_j Posted: Wed Dec 8 08:27:03 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Your welcome



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