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Hey do u guys remeber this?
boondock743 Posted: Sat Aug 27 23:00:32 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  So it was said in the ancient past,
When folks still thought all things could last,
A little kingdom called GT,
Slipped the land and fell into the sea.

My father said he was not there,
But in the water and everywhere,
Flailed and flapped the unhappy crew,
As wave and tide swished crimson hue.

Some say that Addi was first to croak,
But i know he was a solid bloke,
He saved ten men and twenty more,
And pulled them gasping to the shore.

Hif the sailor lay back and laughed,
Climb on girls i'm like a raft,
If you work on that central flail,
It'll turn into a sail!

Nobody know what caused the horror,
And finished all GT's Tomorrers,
Nobody has yet to find,
To where this place was once combined.

Meshuggah was a strapping lad,
And many there were all too glad,
He dived a hundred times off hand,
To bring their images to the land.

The gallery of ludwigs work,
The pictures of that Beligian jerk,
The sweet P photo's that made hearts bleed,
The poet Tom waits quaffing mead.

Libra too had a great hope,
and clung to the quotes of Alexander Pope,
And choke worked hard to fix a mizzen,
to a raft of Seinfelisms.

Crim, Ass, Boondock and Mat_J,
Thought best to go another way,
They sat in the bar and were heard to quip,
A captain goes down with his ship.

Jazer climbed onto his house,
And Cherry moon rode the back of mouse,
Antartica and Aeon waved,
That Nikki sinking could not be saved.

DanSRose got a bit sea sick,
But his drift wood was some Palaniuk,
Howitzer had the rest trained well,
As they dipped and rose in the swell.

Finally some reached the shore,
And Chan tried to count the ones he saw,
"eight, nine and Dan632,
To hell with this i'm too confused."

Cookies&Cream saw what Chris had taught her
(That cunning cad could walk on water),
And Paulo thought he'd never had 'em,
So pocketed the words of Woody Allen.

Though lots had gone some still remained,
And in the name of JQ proclaimed,
This land we find shall now be free,
And MissZ proclaimed it NewGT.

ifihadahif Posted: Sun Aug 28 08:50:17 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Very cool indeed.

mat_j Posted: Tue Aug 30 09:38:10 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I remember it because i wrote it!

Maybe the time of prophecy is upon us.

Run around flailing your arms in the air!!!!

boondock743 Posted: Tue Aug 30 10:40:33 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  and thnx for writing it. i came across it in a file on the comp im sellin and i couldnt believe i forgot bout GT. but i'm here now, so lets get this shit RE-started.

ifihadahif Posted: Tue Aug 30 20:25:13 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  boondock743 said:
>and thnx for writing it. i came across it in a file on the comp im sellin and i couldnt believe i forgot bout GT. but i'm here now, so lets get this shit RE-started.
Love to, but not much fire left around here.

Kira Posted: Tue Aug 30 23:25:00 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  You're ON boon, don't listen to the cynics, let's talk about deep philosophical issues and late nineties/early aughts 'current' events!

choke Posted: Thu Sep 1 07:57:35 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wait Mat, Addi didn't write this? I always thought he did... Sorry!


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