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boondock743 Posted: Mon Sep 5 15:14:18 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  My house is gone, my stuff is gone, my pet is gone.
Bastrop Texas look it up.
It's gone

ifihadahif Posted: Mon Sep 5 19:43:14 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Holy crap ! the fire got your pet too ?

ifihadahif Posted: Wed Sep 7 11:18:13 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Boonie, I hope you and yours are all doing ok.

boondock743 Posted: Wed Sep 7 14:21:14 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  we're not, we need help now, and all they send are PRAYERS. everything vie ever owned is gone, we one of the first. Man, i just don't know watt to fucking do, there's nothing i can do but i cant do nothing. i just want it to go back
back too sunday
fuck maan

Ahriman Posted: Tue Sep 20 17:39:42 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  


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