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ok.......... now what?
boondock743 Posted: Tue Sep 27 08:09:10 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wow, everything I owned is gone except my truck and my bong. I'm staying at my friends house now, the fires have been out for a while, and I'm not even close to being as upset as I was when it happened.
This is oddly similar to when I was 7 years old and i had gotten a brand new Super Nintendo game called "Earthbound" (lost in fire). I spent months trying to beat that game; not so hard now, but at that age it was tough. One day when I was at camp, my sister let our little cousin(2 years) play with my SNES. Well, the little shit erased the whole game. >_<"

Now I feel like someone has pressed the reset button on my life. The only things that are the same are my name and settings.

Alright then, back to level 1. It's easier the second time around............... shouldn't it be?

Ahriman Posted: Fri Oct 7 02:47:07 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Is this an opportunity to start over entirely? Get some traveling done and such.

boondock743 Posted: Mon Oct 10 22:06:45 2011 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Ahriman said:
>Is this an opportunity to start over entirely? Get some traveling done and such.

Traveling would be fun and adventurous, and a real nice change and i wish i could just leave it all behind and move on, fast and far. but there's a lot of stuff i have to do here now. I thought that driving thru that wall and going to jail, and thinking i killed sum1 was horrible and life changing. That doesn't even compare to this. for the first time in my life i actualy want to help. huh.... it's kinda ironic, all these people are working for and helping fire victims, and everyone is so generous and sympathetic about the whole thing; but, people don't act like this and contribute so much for nothing in return unless an enormous disaster or tragedy occurs. The best in people is brought out by the worst in the world.


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