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mat_j Posted: Sat Nov 17 03:28:14 2012 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Sup bros.

It took me a while to remember how to create a new thread!

Just wondering what people are reading. I have been accused recently by one of our number of not reading at all and have just figured out I have not finished a book since the last Raymond Chandler i read. So i thought who better to ask what i should be reading than the survivors of the great internet plagues here at GT.

libra Posted: Sat Nov 24 15:28:59 2012 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hi!!! I love reading threads!
Are you on goodreads, btw?

I just finished a really cute and heartwarming book called The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Reif Larson. I think you'd really like it. It's about a 12 year old boy from Montana who is a cartographer and is offered a Fellowship at the Smithsonian. There are all these little diagrams and maps in the margins of the book.

Now I'm reading A Single Man - Isherwood.

I'm going to read Michael Chabon's new one soon, Telegraph Avenue, it's supposed to be good.

Also I just went on a Jhumpa Lahiri kick and read The Namesake and Unaccustomed Earth.

misszero Posted: Thu Nov 29 09:07:39 2012 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Oh Libra, I love that T.S. Spivet book!
I went to the library the other day and by the time I'd made it home, I had no desire to read any of the books I'd borrowed. They had 2 banned books for a pound at Poundland, so I might re-read A Clockwork Orange, or Brave New World instead. I'm off to London this weekend, and each one is just about the right length for the bus trip.

misszero Posted: Thu Dec 6 10:35:34 2012 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I found a flow-chart to help you find a book:

mat_j Posted: Thu Dec 13 16:11:49 2012 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Oooh the flow chart had China Mieville in it, i was talking to Jimmy Watkins at the future of the left gig on Wed and he's just started reading him, then i saw a man who looked EXACTLY like China Mieville and i couldn't shake the thought from my head that it might actually be him.

It wasn't.

mat_j Posted: Thu Dec 13 16:19:25 2012 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hi Libra btw!!

I'm not on goodreads nor do i know what it is... will get up to speed shortly.

My problem is internets have destroyed my concentration, i am currently reading a 100 page novel called Tree of Crows by a Welsh author called Lewis Davies and though i'm enjoying it i can only seem to read 3 pages a time (and i'm not kidding these pages might as well be poetry the sparse number of words on them and 3 weeks on and i'm not even half way through.

Also, every time i pick up a book i put it down and pick up a pen. My writing has not been adversely affected by my inability to read any more, in fact i have switched to writing squeezing two lines per line on my A4 pads and i'm maintaining a surprisingly fast pace of filling them in.

In conclusion i think that more than anything it's frustration at not getting more done that crippling my reading ability so until i get back on the ladder, get my IMDB writers credit restored after it was cruelly taken from me and get my current barrage of scripts to a certain contact of mine i doubt i'm going to be able to finish a single novel.


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