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Now you can buy oldschool gold from gold.raiditem enjoying 5% free bonus
Aimee OMG Posted: Fri Sep 8 03:56:53 2017 Post | Quote in Reply  
  As the official latest news, Fossil Island will coming soon, and Jagex has made some changes. Well, will show the details for all of you, which includes the Kudos Info Display, Champion's Cape, Elite Clue Gamble and more. Varrock Museum has a handy new display to help you prepare yourself. If you are still looking for a trustworthy website to buy OSRS gold online, it is no doubt that is your wisest choice. Read on! is a professional website to run oldschool gold service for more than ten years, and we are always doing our best to do better. If you choose us, you will enjoying cheap rate and top service. Now letís look at todayís news according to the official latest news.

ďKudos Info Display
The staff of Varrock Museum love to award kudos to those who've helped them with their exibits, but sometimes it's hard to remember exactly which tasks you have and haven't done.

Visit the information booth on the ground floor of the museum, and use its new Check Kudos option to see what further opportunities you have for earning kudos. Remember, you'll need at least 100 kudos to travel to Fossil Island, and various features on the island itself require even more, so get your kudos up now to ensure you're not locked out next week! The info booth will be updated again when Fossil Island arrives, guiding you to the new opportunities for earning even more kudos on the island.

Champion's Cape
Leon d'Cour, the Champion of Champions, is honoured to bestow his prestigious Champion's Cape upon anyone who's defeated him and completed the Champions Challenge.

Speak to Larxus, under the Champions' Guild, to claim yours once you've defeated all 11 champions. The cape's just a cosmetic costume for now - looking mint, by the way - but players have suggested a few bonuses it could potentially have in future, and we'd be happy to give it a buff if one's wanted.

Anyway, is still your first option $k3&f5f to buy OSRS cheap with safe and fast delivery. Choosing us, you will get extra 5% free bonus now! Donít miss that.

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Kira Posted: Sun Sep 10 04:20:51 2017 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I come here from my current group where I'm the mod/admin/bosslady-what-have you, and I have this infuriatingly impotent urge to delete every last one of the bot posts... because I could do that elsewhere.

Mesh Posted: Tue Sep 12 16:22:19 2017 Post | Quote in Reply  
  They're the worst!


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