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Why should we choose Hp 19A CF219A toner cartridges?
adtozhou Posted: Mon Dec 25 02:23:24 2017 Post | Quote in Reply  
  We use the Hp 19A CF219A color laser printer, the print quality of the Hp 19A CF219A series of color cartridges for print quality testing. From the test results, Hp 19A CF219A series of color cartridge text output is very good, the overall proof enough black, clear and powerful writing, giving a strong visual impact. In the Chinese color cloud font performance, the Department of rounded and smooth curve, the naked eye can not see the glitches and toner splash phenomenon. In the Chinese version of italic font performance, toner filled evenly, strokes more coherent.

Comparing the printing results of Hp 19A CF219A and [url=]hp toner cartridges[/url], we can see that proofs have inked more toner than the original toner, the blackness is more adequate, and the details are not missing either. In the graphic mixed platoon output of large area color, Hp 19A CF219A also performed well, the toner distribution is more uniform, especially the performance of the yellow is very delicate, there is no obvious horizontal stripes.

The rise and development of domestic color toner cartridges are all things in recent years. In the past, the main bottleneck of domestic color toner cartridge is the toner color performance problems. As with the original toner in the manufacturing process there is a certain gap between domestic toner larger particles, and the volume is not uniform, so there will be partial color cast, color and other phenomena. The actual test results, Hp 19A CF219A series color cartridge has been basically solved the problem of partial color, the print effect is very close to the original cartridge.

In the actual test we encountered a small condition, when the new four-color [url=]Hp 19A CF219A[/url] cartridge into the printer, the cyan toner cartridge directly enhance the toner remaining low. The actual test capacity of the cartridge is equivalent to the other three colors, the initial estimate may be a problem with the print counter, replaced by another cyan cartridge can be solved.

Color laser printer is more commonly used in everyday office printing equipment, stable and excellent continuous output speed and excellent output quality, color laser printers in business documents, design proofing, product manuals and other documents output to show their talents, for business users to Said almost indispensable. The emergence of domestic cartridges, a good make up for the original cartridge print cost is too high, so that more users "affordable," "dare to use" color laser printers, largely promoted the desktop color laser shock Popularize the process.


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