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Zhuyeqing Posted: Fri Jul 13 22:53:12 2018 Post | Quote in Reply  
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In today¡¯s multitasking society, it¡¯s no surprise that many young athletes often play two or three sports , when not long ago they would have devoted themselves to only one. But gait analysis equipment and motion capture cameras reveal that such athletic devotion can actually inhibit children¡¯s development. The stress on growing bones and joints can result in lifelong injuries and even ¡°ghost pain,¡± preventing or inhibiting their ability to play the sport later in life.

Coaches and other sports officials have taken notice, and we are likely to see the use of human gait analysis increasingly used on playing fields and training gyms in order to make sure athletes young and old are not injuring themselves through improper repetitive motions. Poor exercise technique is the number one reason for all athletic injuries, and this is truly a shame , as it can so easily be corrected.

Many sports medicine clinics have had at least one motion capture camera in their facility for years, but until recently it was not realized how useful human gait analysis could be for young athletes. As our society continues to place ever higher premiums on competition and high performance, our children are more likely than ever to injure themselves while playing sports. Modern protective equipment also lulls many kids into a false sense of security¨Cthey simply do not realize how badly they can be hurt. As a result, repetitive stress injuries among kids have become disturbingly , and unnecessarily, prevalent.

Injuries to the hip and pelvis can make running and other athletic activities painful for life, young pitchers often damage their shoulders and necks through overuse, and many ballerinas experience very painful fractures in their toes. All too often kids who skate , swim, or play hockey or soccer will suffer groin injuries because their sports require forceful adduction of the hip. These injuries can be avoided, however. The use of a motion capture camera may help coaches to spot poor form before athletes injure themselves. This technology not only helps kids to train more effectively, it can also help them to choosing correctly fitting gear which provides the specific support or protection needed by each individual. Gait analys.


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