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Zhuyeqing Posted: Fri Jul 13 22:56:56 2018 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The issues of drug abuse and addiction are something that touch more families in the UK than many of us know. Unfortunately , the UK has seen a significant rise in drug and alcohol use that has left us scrambling to provide the care people need to overcome addiction issues. Two of the options we offer are detox and rehab. Yet despite what you may think, the two options are different.

In the simplest terms, detox is a standalone treatment option designed to break the physical addiction to a specific substance. In most cases , it can be accomplished in about seven days. Rehab is different in that it deals with the body and the mind. Rehab does include detox as part of an overall programme, but the psychotherapeutic treatments involved go above and beyond physical addiction.

Here are three ways drug rehab and detox is decidedly different:

1. Short-Term Versus Long-Term

The detox process is a very short-term strategy meant to deal with physical addiction. Because it can be completed in about a week, some drug abusers and addicts prefer to go that route in order to minimise the disruption of treatment. They can schedule a week off from work , attend detox, and get back to work the following week.

Rehab is a long-term strategy that requires a greater time commitment. The average programme offered by drug rehab clinics in Europe takes between 4 and 12 weeks to complete. After that, recovering drug abusers will spend anywhere from three to 12 months receiving aftercare support services.

Despite the time commitment involved , comprehensive drug rehab usually achieves better results than detox alone. Complete rehab deals with the individual as a whole person ®C body, mind, and spirit ®C rather than just as a physical creature.

2. Long-Term Goals

The differences in long-term goals are significant between the two therapies. Where detox is concerned , no clear long-term goal exists because the point is to simply get the user to stop taking drugs. However, detox does nothing to prevent relapse in the future. That is why so many drug addicts in the UK go through detox numerous times without an actual life change.

The long-term goal of rehab is one of preventing relapse by teaching the drug user how to live life to its fullest without using drugs. A rehab clinic that is successfully doing its job does not ever want to see a client a second time ®C unless it is because the recovering drug addict has returned to help others.

3. Sources of Treatment

Anyone in need of drug detox in the UK can access it free of charge from the NHS. Detox can be accessed on an inpatient, outpatient , or home basis, depending on individual circumstances. However, the NHS does not offer comprehensive drug rehab programmes of its own.

Drug rehab is provided by private clinics , drug and alcohol charities, and local support group organisations. The NHS can refer individuals to these other programmes, and they often do following the completion of detox. The best source of comprehensive drug rehab is a private clinics specialising in such programmes.

It is true that some people can fully recover from drug abuse and addiction by just attending detox. Nevertheless , they are the exception, not the rule. Most chronic addicts need a comprehensive rehab programme provided by a qualified organisation. That is often the only way to fully recover.
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Cai Chaolin (R)£¨ vice mayor of Guangzhou£¨ unveils the nameplate of Guangzhou Liaison Office in Boston at the roadshow for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum held in Washington£¨ the United States£¨ on March 14£¨ 2017. Undergoing a transformation into an international hub of innovation from a traditional trade port£¨ the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is seeking out U.S. companies for investment during a roadshow for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum to be held in Guangzhou in early December. (XinhuaYin Bogu)

WASHINGTON£¨ March 14 (Xinhua) -- Undergoing a transformation into an international hub of innovation from a traditional trade port£¨ the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is seeking out U.S. companies for investment.

""We encourage U.S. multinational companies to invest in Guangzhou£¨ which is a well-known business-friendly city£¨"" Cai Chaolin£¨ vice mayor of Guangzhou£¨ said Tuesday during a roadshow for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum to be held in Guangzhou in early December.

In an address to U.S. officials and business leaders in Washington D.C.£¨ Cai introduced Guangzhou's initiatives of developing a technology innovation hub£¨ which is expected to bring new business opportunities for U.S. companies coming to the city.

As part of the efforts to enhance cooperation in technology innovation between Guangzhou and the United States£¨ Cai also announced the set-up of Guangzhou's liaison offices in Boston and Silicon Valley£¨ two famous innovation centers in the Eastern and Western coasts of the United States.

""We want to know what's happening in these innovation centers£¨"" Cai told Xinhua£¨ adding that the two offices would help Guangzhou gather innovation resources and high-end talents around the world so as to establish its own innovation hub.

Nina Easton£¨ co-chair of Fortune Global Forum and chair of Fortune Most Powerful Women International£¨ said at the same event that Guangzhou£¨ China's southern gateway to the world£¨ is the ideal location for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum with the theme of ""Openness and Innovation: Shaping the Global Economy"" .

""As a center of international trade for many centuries£¨ Guangzhou is both a renowned symbol and a modern manifestation of China's participation in global commerce£¨"" Easton said£¨ noting that the city has become ""highly attractive"" to multinational companies due to in.


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