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Zhuyeqing Posted: Fri Sep 14 04:47:03 2018 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Steam Sterilization

Kids run throughout the house running or crawling. Infants even taste anything. It is the duty of parents and elders to keep the house clean and tidy. The environment should be free from bacteria and fungus attacks. Feeding bottles , clothes, diapers and toy should always be clean and if required sterilized. Steam sterilization is suggested.

Daily around 6-8 times diapers are to be changed. Along with that infant clothingĄ¯s are also to be changed at times. Parents should be careful while buying clothes for the kids. They are advised to be loose and cotton. These daysĄ¯ parents need not run here and there for any kinds of kid stuff. They can be ordered without moving from home. Loose dresses are advised as they are comfortable to change diaper often for infants. Cotton dresses are to be used as they can easily be washed and dried and so maintaining hygienic conditions in the house.


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