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Zhuyeqing Posted: Thu Nov 15 02:34:52 2018 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Oh , the irony: A man might choose to manscape so he can avoid the heat rash that all too often comes around during the summer. But because he didn¡¯t use proper technique, his manscaping turns into a serious manhood rash, and he suffers the very irritation he was hoping to avoid! That¡¯s why these tips for good male organ care before and after manscaping should be followed to the letter. A man greatly reduces his chances of a serious manhood rash by giving a little extra attention when wielding the razor.

Tip for manscaping

First, a man should decide how he really feels about manscaping. Though many men are perfectly fine with letting the jungle grow down there, guys who manscape usually either go completely bare or find a happy medium.

When going with just a trim, a guy gets the benefits of less hair ¨C which means less breeding ground for bacteria ¨C and he also gets the advantage of some heat avoidance and the use of an electric safety clipper. Many men choose the clippers because they are worried about getting too close to their junk with the sharp razor.

Guys find a lot of advantages from going bare , too. Having no hair down there means many less worries about member odor, as there is very little for the odor-causing bacteria to latch onto. It also means a smooth, silky feeling when it comes to sensual bedroom activities, which can add heightened sensation for both partners. And of course, the heat factor is lessened even more, as there is no insulating hair to keep the temperature up.

And besides that , there¡¯s another good reason for manscaping ¨C to make the member look bigger. The less hair to distract from the member, the longer it will look, which can be a huge ego boost.

Whether a guy chooses to go bare or simply trim, here are some tips to consider:

1. Get everything clean. Manscaping is best done right after a shower, when the hair follicles are relaxed and the pores are open. It also helps ensure there is little to no bacteria around the member, which can help a man trim or shave with confidence.

2. Sit down with a steady hand. Sitting on the edge of a chair , legs widely spread, letting it all ¡®hang out¡¯ is often the best position for effective manscaping. A man will hold the razor or trimmer in one hand and maneuver his member out of the way with the other. It¡¯s important to be quite steady.

3. Use a top-notch shave cream. For those who choose to go bare, the cream he uses matters. Go with a smooth, silky cream that is specially formulated for more delicate areas.

4. Keep things sharp. Whether it¡¯s manscaping with scissors, trimmers or razors, a sharp edge is imperative. A dull edge actually runs a much higher risk of cutting the skin , as it won¡¯t slide smoothly.


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