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Animated Pat Shurmur reacts to Odell
liny195 Posted: Fri Dec 14 02:01:02 2018 Post | Quote in Reply  
  [url=][/url] , officiating, difficult loss New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur can be as dry as unbuttered toast when he wants to be. After Sunday¡¯s crushing 33-31 last-second loss to the Carolina Panthers, though, Shurmur was as emotional/angry/unfiltered as he¡¯s ever been since becoming the Giants¡¯ head coach.On Odell Beckham¡¯s comments to ESPNHere is the interview, just in case you aren¡¯t aware of it.¡°Alright, listen, I¡¯m gonna answer all the drama questions right now. I¡¯m gonna go back to what I said, alright? I addressed it with Odell. I addressed it with our team,¡± Shurmur said, voice beginning to rise again. ¡°I publicly declared that I didn¡¯t agree with his comments ands I asked anyone who was interested if they wanted clarification go to Odell because he¡¯s a big man. ¡°I¡¯m not gonna give the public a pound of flesh on this, alright? That would make me small, not strong. These are the kind of things, in my opinion [url=][/url] , when you have the locker room that we have, that will help galvanize them. ¡®Cause the locker room took care of it. That¡¯s all I¡¯m saying on it. Finito. Done!¡°Let¡¯s talk football, not drama.¡±On the loss ... and his team¡°Disappointed for our team. We played hard. We played tough. We played the way that I know that our team is. For the record.¡°Our team is tough. They play hard and I¡¯ve got no issues with the way they play. There¡¯s still some things we¡¯ve gotta clean up and play better, but we¡¯ll get that fixed as we go.¡±On the questionable penalty vs. Landon Collins¡°I¡¯m not gonna talk about calls.¡±Then, he did. And he got fired up when he did it, with his voice rising.¡°What I saw was a guy going for the ball, making an effort, I think he touched the ball if I¡¯m not mistaken. I saw that with my own eyes. A guy is making a play on the ball with no attempt, no attempt to target the receiver. So, that¡¯s how I saw it. I¡¯m sure somebody will see it in slo-mo HD and somebody will tell me what they think.¡±On the time left after the Giants¡¯ go-ahead touchdown¡°We gotta go out and play. We gotta go out and get ¡®em stopped. Unfortunately they made a big kick and the score¡¯s 33-31. I wasn¡¯t worried. Let¡¯s not go to that game, we scored with too much time. I¡¯m not playing that bulls¡ª- game.¡±John Greco taking over at center, other takeaways from Pat Shurmur New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur said on Monday that 12-year veteran John Greco will take over at center for Jon Halapio, lost for the season due to a a broken ankle he suffered Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.Greco [url=][/url] , a guard for most of his career, took over when Halapio was injured Sunday.Shurmur also said that the Giants would get Spencer Pulley, a third-year player acquired on waivers after he was cut by the Los Angeles Chargers, ready to play. Pulley started all 16 games at center for the Chargers last season.¡°We have guys on the roster who have played center,¡± Shurmur said. ¡°They¡¯ll just slide up and get ready to go.¡±Here are more takeaways from Shurmur¡¯s Monday conference call.On getting faster starts¡°Certainly you want to stay on the field. If you can get some big plays in there that¡¯s important. We had one third down that we missed by inches and I chose to punt it the first time,¡± he said.Shurmur added that the Giants would like long drives and chunk plays.¡°That¡¯s what you want to do on every drive. We¡¯ve just gotta do it better and sooner.¡±On the struggles of the offensive line¡°I think our guys were prepared. They¡¯ve been a defensive front that moves quite a bit. They¡¯ve done it for years, that¡¯s their style. We were aware of it. Some of the pressures they brought we practiced. We had a hat [blocker] for ¡®em on most occasions. ... We¡¯ve just gotta do a better job. I don¡¯t think we faced anything we hadn¡¯t seen. We¡¯ve just gotta be cleaner with our blocks.¡±On potential lineup changes¡°I think what¡¯s important is that we stay the course, get the players that we have playing better. Try to make more plays to do what¡¯s necessary to win the game.¡±On the number of third-down throws that have been completed short of first-down yardage¡°Obviously the plays are designed to get the first down. There¡¯s times where you¡¯re playing against man coverage where you get catch-and-run scenarios, and there¡¯s other times where you have layered passes where you have a downfield throw and then a shorter throw that requires a run to get the first. Depending on how all that plays out really doesn¡¯t matter as long as you get the first.¡±On the high number of short throws SundayThere are times you have to move slightly or depending on what¡¯s happening you don¡¯t have the ability to get the ball down the field. Certainly we¡¯re always trying to get the ball down the field. We didn¡¯t get a chance to do that as much as we wanted to.¡±On the hits Eli Manning took vs. Dallas¡°Listen, Eli is a competitor. We¡¯re going to do everything that we can to protect him. There was times last night where he wasn¡¯t protected well enough.¡±


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