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Unstoppable Custom FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder 600K Featured 88 Bale, 89 Kane
m8x Posted: Fri Dec 21 04:23:03 2018 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Squad Builder Information:

Formation/lineup: 4-3-3(4)

Clubs: 4

Leagues: 3

Team Rating: 85

Team Chemistry: 100

Price based on FIFAAH.COM Dec. 12 on different platforms:

PS4 - 598K, Xbox One - 566K, PC - 721K

Player Instruction:

GK - SZCZESNY: UCL card, 88 reflexes, 86 diving, only need 12K, he is a dreadful guard.

RB - CARVAJAL: Great attacking fullback with ideal pace and endurance.

CB - BENATIA: He has pretty nice defending (87) and physical (85) stats,

CB - BONUCCI: Another Juventus center back, 87 defending and 80 physical.

LB - ROBERTSON: He is one of the best fullbacks in BPL, 84 pace and 87 stamina, much cheap for 1.3K.

CM - FABINHO: He is good at winning the ball back and got great defending and physical.

CAM - DEMBELE: A good box-to-box midfielder, standout dribbling, and strength.

CM - ISCO: Creative midfielder with excellent dribbling technique, 90 balance, 95 ball control, and 94 in-game dribbling.

RW - BALE: 388K on Xbox One, amounts of FIFA 19 coins on him but he is worth getting, as a forward, he is almost no weakness, 95 pace, 88 shooting, and 85 dribbling.

LW - SON: 86 pace, 85 shooting, he can definitely offer your some goals and assists.

ST - KANE: He is so clinical in front of the guard, 90 shooting with 93 positioning and 94 finishing, good value for the money.

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m8x Posted: Fri Dec 21 04:24:13 2018 Post | Quote in Reply


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