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FIFA 19 Analysis of the Bicycle
m8x Posted: Tue Jan 8 04:33:34 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Push the right stick from the front to the left or 90 to the right.

Cycling has the characteristics of "deceptive, connectable follow-up actions, simple operation", so what is the bike, what the bike is about? Let's take a GIF card to show the bike.

As can be seen from the five GIFs above, the action mode is very demanding and slow, although it can use the abilities of the two-star player.

As the phantasy level increases, the frequency of movement is faster (this is important as it is convenient for us to take the phantasy action).

In addition, the abilities of cycling, influenced by the character model Mbape and Neymar, are five-fold five-star players, but the Mbape model is larger, so the range is bigger, but the frequency is slower. ,

action features

1. Affected by the star rating, the higher the level, the faster the apparent frequency.

2. Influenced by the player's model, the bigger the model, the bigger the imagination.

3. Influenced by balance ability, the higher the balance (DRI), the smoother the imagination becomes.

Advanced skills

Bike left / right kick

First, perform the most basic bike action, ie, after pedaling the bike, turn left / right, and the specific operation is very simple. After the right joystick is used, the left joystick is moved left / right to determine the direction after cycling.

The picture above shows that I cycled in Neymar and quickly pushed the left stick to the right side of the neutral area. After gaining the attention of the opponent, Neymar disguises himself quickly and completes a pass.

After changing the direction of the bike, you can change it at any time. You can change it by getting on the bike, or you can get on many bikes and change them. Look at the following example.

In the picture above, I drummed Mbape forward, in midfield I noticed that the opposing defender is about to break my ball. At this point, I can only switch up, as the incidental is the following.

So I stepped on the bike. The reason for using the bike is to confuse the line of sight of the opponent. Before the other player's player approached me, my left stick was pushed up so I quickly completed Mppei. Changed left and completed passing.

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