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runescapegoldch Posted: Wed Feb 20 02:50:25 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  (A player did this the right way round with me once. They wanted a whip mechanically, but flavourly [url=][b]buy osrs gold[/b][/url] wanted it to be a spine and skull. We discussed the logic behind how it work, and agreed on a spine held together by leather bindings keeping it flexible with a small skull, mouth agape, on the end hardened using blah blah pseudo alchemy. It was a whip,

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Well basically this update allows players to hold multiple rune pouches now since coloring them makes them unique. So mages can hold tons of runes, meanwhile rangers still can have both bolts and arrows in our quivers. So Harrison commented yesterday saying they will revert the rune pouch change. Now today they are saying the rune pouch change will stay.

Items sell for typically around half their PHB value. For battleworn things, you can drop that price yet lower (or otherwise require downtime and Charisma to get better values). You can also consider just how much of a market there might be for their loot. A town blacksmith for example might only have 200 500 gp to buy stuff with, and probably won buy just a bunch of swords (at good value).
Bodily loot is where it gets more. complicated. Choose for yourself if you wish to allow PCs to go about dismantling corpses, and just what processes are involved. In the diagram (and likewise my other comment description of the same), providing both advantage and disadvantage from the obstruction between A and B is happening regardless of C presence. I use C to demonstrate the problem with the ruling.
Applying both advantage and disadvantage due to the obscurement also blocks any other source of advantage/disadvantage, and overall suggests that an attack made with LOS is just as viable as one made without, given mutual blindness.If the players still make a heavy point of looting creatures along the way, at the most they end up with a bit more cash than expected. This will break nothing.
A and B, in attack each other as shown in the diagram should (in my opinion) have disadvantage without advantage. A should have an easier time attempting to attack C instead of B. A should not have an easier time attacking B instead of C if A goes prone, or otherwise gains a different source of general disadvantage.
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