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How does one overcome a one-sided love failure?
jelinaden Posted: Fri Mar 1 10:49:42 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Think of the most positive outcome that could have come of the situation - considering the fact that you cannot control how other people feel.

Whether it is a unrequited love, or failed relationship, or dying marriage - doesn't really matter. If it continued as you hoped, you'd end up in a miserable situation - possibly a long term mutually beneficial situation that would prevent the significant other from leaving despite having no feelings. It would be a long term living hell that either remained a painful one-sided love, or decay to a mutual disinterest.

This may not help the 'now' with what you're feeling, but it's better to have this pain and to have it over in time rather than to drag it into something that burns your life and heart to the ground long term.

johnabraham Posted: Fri Mar 1 11:11:08 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Those damn comedies! They've destroyed pretty much every part of affection. We as a whole need that fantasy sentiment that we find in our most loved motion pictures, however we never understand that kind of adoration doesn't really exist. Much obliged, Hollywood. We need something so implausible that love failure happened, everything else is a colossal frustration. In the event that your connections continue coming up short, it could be on the grounds that you anticipate that a relationship should resemble a motion picture when the fact of the matter is so extraordinary. Films don't demonstrate our regular schedules or how irritating somebody (particularly folks!) can be on the off chance that you invest an excessive amount of energy with them. In the event that your connections continue flopping perhaps you should investigate your vision of a relationship and a lot it down.

davinben Posted: Fri Mar 1 11:32:33 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  It happened when you could not fullfil what you promised when you think so much and expect too much. I have been experienced this situation when I was in my high school I was expecting so much to her but didn't get anything in returned. Then I relised this can't go so long so I come out with all over it with the help of love failure status it is very difficult for me to get over come with this and this status helped very much to back in the normal state.


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