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runescapegoldch Posted: Fri Mar 15 04:04:45 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There are reasons why immigrating to the US is difficult, none of those issues were touched on. Just like there are [url=][b]runescape gold[/b][/url] reasons for separating children from the people who brought them over, but none of those were touched on either.It was mostly filled with emotional appeals (Gus watching sad youtube video, volunteer talking about how she only sees people with children, newspaper editor being sad on camera)
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she is thin skinned. people are always going to use whatever derogatory term they can to get into someones skin. some people can take the heat. some cant. she couldnt. this whole post was acting like she is the only person to ever be shit on by the internet because of her skin colour and sexual orientation.
And yet she deals with constant abuse and continues to push forward. She even says that because every time she posts something she still gets heat from dumb shits. Nor does she ever assume she is the only one to ever get shit on for her race or sexual orientation. Now you are just making up bullshit.
As for thin skinned you seem to fundamentally misunderstand what it means. I not saying you are purposefully misrepresenting the idea to fit your narrative but I also not saying that. If I just called you a dumb ass or pointed out a time you fucked up something or said something completely wrong and you got upset at that then it is thin skinned.
If you deal with a barrage of hate and death threats and people trying to reduce who you are because they think you shouldn be allowed a voice because you are only there because of your father and that shit gets to you. That isn thinned skin. That is putting up with more shit then you ever will.
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