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  • What I can't say to the UN
    25 Mar 2003

    Thanks to the wonder of satellite technology, I can now watch in the comfort of my own home how a world is being divided.
    I don't remember ever being taught to hate. I don't recall reading in any book that to maim, murder and kill was a noble thing. Have any of you read in the Bible, the Qur'an, the Talmud or the Geeta that your God asks you to kill and pillage in His name? Wierd, 'cause I can swear, thats what half the world's population seems to be saying. So if our parents didn't teach us (and by us I mean the educated and rational who can watch 3 news channels and make their own conclusions regarding world events), and if our God didn't tell us to, then.......then we must have made up this principle of murder and destruction on our very own! Wow! Human intelligence, doesn't it just bring tears to your eyes! What a glorious spectacle! Dead bodies, burning houses, weeping families, wrecked homes, shattered lives, politicians glorified as conquerors, crazed assasins worshipped as Holy Men, Holy places fought over like personal property, everyone trying to lay claim to a Munificient God who will bring them success because they are just and righteous! What a piece of work is man! The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals! We did this, all of this. Human intelligence, what a treat!

    Your God and my God. Sounds like a divorce settlement.