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  • The Great Question
    Chris Ballard
    17 Sep 2001

    The great paradox of our society.
    Morality, stressed until it is all that is heard by the machines that sit at home and watch, by the students that sit in their classrooms and 'learn', and by the followers who kneel in their churches to pray.
    Morality, freedom, righteousness, individuality, justice.
    The great question. How can a society which stresses choice and individuality justify forcing the eyes and ears, and through such, the minds, of its people, as well as those not of its rule, to conform, follow, and kowtow to the ideals set down by generations past?
    The justification? Once they are forced to believe as we do, they will believe as we do.
    Why justify?
    Judgment becomes destruction.
    It is judgment that defeats us.
    Justice is contrary to the nature of life, to the nature of our universe and our existence.
    Justice becomes self-destruction.