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  • On Conquest
    Chris Ballard
    8 Aug 2001

    Conquest, a dream held since the appearance of the first human beings. Many
    followers, led by many leaders including Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar,
    Genghis Kahn, Kublai Kahn, Minamoto Yoritomo, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Attila the Hun,
    Hannibal of Carthage, William the Conqueror, Napoleon, the Kaiser, Hitler, and
    Yamamoto Isoroku, once, took some part in a military romance with the single
    goal: that of conquest.
    However, such people and events took place within history, on a day so long
    ago, and could never come into existence again today. By this I mean that,
    without a total collapse of the standing power of the larger and more
    influential nations in today's world (mainly America the Greatest), no such
    intrusions onto another's property (their country) could exist without almost
    immediate military action by a third party. Simple put, if you attacked someone
    else out of aggression then America or the United Nations, or etc. would step in
    to stop you from further advancing and, eventually, reverse your doministic
    progression. Since WWII no conflict, minor or not, has been overlooked by the
    UN, who analyze this clash and determine wether steps are or are not needed to
    control the outbreak of warfare. I myself dream of conquest, and know that, if
    not for these circumstances, it would be rather easy to achieve. This now
    brings me to my central idea. Since conquest in a military form, making people
    bend to my will etc., is not attainable today, I feel that, in order to own an
    Empire, one must choose another tool that you could use to eventually 'conquer'
    the world.
    But what is this tool. Since we must originally begin in a non-militaristic
    manner, I began to think about people who, if they so desired, could do anything
    they really wanted. I thought and I thought. Many candidates ran through my
    head: the President, no; the Leader of a small 3rd world county, no, both have
    not enough resources with which to create freedom; and then I thought resources,
    what can get you any resource you need, hell!, what can get you anything you
    need? That one was easy, Money. Then I thought Bill Gates has a lot of money,
    he can do anything he wants, if he wanted to bad enough. Bill Gates as you know
    is the owner of a really BIG company with huge net income (compared to myself,
    and everyone else, to note). So from here I put the pieces together. Lots of
    money means lots of power, the sole root for the cause of Conquest. More power
    = more control, and everyone wants to control everything.
    By now you can see where this is going. The future conquest are not going to
    be made by a single county because the balance of power is to great to one side.
    But in America, the government has made special laws protecting and even helping
    new businesses. Therefor with a little intelligence and wit, one could create
    his own Empire, at least at first, without an army. (Later one would be used
    just for recreation purposes) So I propose to you, knowing you lust for power as
    much as I, to join with me and create the next world power. Then the world
    shall be ours to control, our dream long coming true.