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  • Anarchy
    Nathan Carpenter
    12 Jul 1995

    Where to begin on a subject that covers so much? I think I shall start with what anarchy is just to dispel any odd thoughts or misunderstandings. Also just for the sake of argument, yes I do love the country we live in, but I also understand it's shortcomings and will continue to exploit them until the fools that run our great government decide it is time to change. First I will explain what anarchy is not. It is not bombs, disorder, or chaos. It is not robbery or murder. It is not a war of each against all. It is not a return to barbarianism or to the wild state of man. Anarchism is the very opposite of all that. There are many definitions and uses of the word anarchy. These different uses and definitions often make the word anarchy misunderstood. If there must be a definition put to such a great word, then it would be: a political theory opposed to all forms of government and governmental restraint and advocating voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups in order to satisfy their needs. Now you think to yourself and wonder why anyone would want this. Well my comrade, only under anarchy can you truly be free. Now don't get me wrong a democracy is free, you are allowed to do whatever you want. But under this you have to do what is deemed right or wrong by this government. Now my friend, I ask you, who can deem what is right or wrong? It seems we think our government can. But I think it is ourselves, only we can deem what is right or wrong for ourselves. It is almost as if we are being belittled, treated like a baby, like we are good enough off to decide what is right and wrong for ourselves. This same government passes laws on what they deem right or wrong, and since we have citizenship in this government, we are forced to follow its rules. Well what if we don't agree with one of these rules…? There is nothing we can do my friend, nothing, they said we choose who we elect but once our representative is in office what is to stop him from doing his own wants? Nothing. So in other words these representatives run our lives in a way. Now I don't know about you but I want no one but myself running my life, since it is my life. But yet we have no choice over this, this authority, which is deemed good enough to run our lives and our society, but yet we can do nothing about it. That my friend is why I object to authority, for under it, you matter not. But do not get me wrong I do not object to all authority, just that that deems itself good enough to govern our lives and rule us. For no man is truly good enough to rule another. Why can we not just all rule ourselves? It is truly possible and only in that way can we all be truly free. It can be said I hate authority even. Which in ways is true, I hate those that deem themselves good enough to rule my life, or think they can tell me what I will do and what I won't. That is why I am willing to break and bend the laws. For to me they are almost forms of oppression. Parents raise their children now a days telling them oppression is bad, but they are so blind to the truth that they don't even realize they are being oppressed everyday by authority. So many people have died to have their "freedom". They revolt in groups and call it revolutions and rebellions. Even our glorious country did it in 1776. But the fools are blind to the truth, they don't realize they are escaping rule from one government just to start another one that will still in one way or form be oppressing. Maybe the new government is better and caters more to the people but no matter what if you are in a government you will never truly be free. There are those among us who would lead you to believe that anarchism is bad because there is no rule and utter chaos would ensue. This is false my comrade, for you are left to make your own decisions. Now if there were anarchy, there would be those that would attempt to rule and oppress. But the key to avoiding them is to avoid them and isolate yourself. You must learn how to keep yourself up. Also there are those that say we couldn't live without law, these people are weak. They hide behind the law because they can't protect themselves. Personally I would rather not have cops, for they oppress and believe they can rule and dictate actions. Also most cops don't have enough intelligence to realize how weak they truly are. They are not necessary; all they do is protect the weak. Nature has a way of taking care of the weak it is called natural selection. There will also be those that say anarchy is stupid and foolish, but they don't realize anarchy is brought about by some of the greatest minds. Now I understand most of you will read this and not understand or maybe not care. But I ask you, my friend, think about these things as you go on living your life. Realize that you are not truly free and never will be under any form of government.