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    Chris Ballard
    14 Sep 2001


    How can we teach our children and future generations how to necessarily and morally act throughout life without teaching them the nature of life itself?
    How can we enforce a rule and yet break it ourselves?
    How does ridding the system of children who are "problematic" help our society?
    Can freedom and equality coexist within the ranks of master and slave?
    If our society reflects one that allows for the questioning of power and keeping power in check and on a proper course, then why doesn't the system which educates our people allow for the same by those who are being educated?
    If submission is wanted by students only while an authority figure is present, then the goal has been accomplished. But, if it is a future generation that will fully understand the ideals we hold for granted that is desired, then more appropriate and instructional methods of education should be pursued.
    Punishment in school systems has deteriorated to mild inconveniences for those being punished, until they are classified as a problem, in which case they are discarded from the system or thrown into the system's trash bucket of a school. The problem with these punishment are that they require the student in question to arrive at his own error and correct himself accordingly, even while most of us at such an age are unable to accomplish such. Thus, punishment is no longer a means of education or indoctrination of ideals.
    The system fails to instill a sense of respect toward teachers, the system, and thus, society. How many students address their teachers at sir or ma'am? Without respect for the schools, the students can never learn to their full potential, but, rather, will be filled with defiance and uncontrolled insubordination.
    These problems and more must be dealt with before our school systems will be able to effectively educate the populous.
    Without an educated populous, our society and our nation will founder.
    Eventually, the affects could become worse than might be imagined.
    Education is the key to the future, it is the key to happiness and well-being.
    As such, it stands that correcting our education system is key.