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    Chris Ballard
    18 Aug 2000

    My research is observation. My method is objectivity. My process is deduction.

    Control. Society needs to control those within the society in order to remain
    orderly. Control can be anything from subtle messages that direct thought
    processes to strenuous manipulation of the mind to a degree that does not guide
    a mind but forces a mind to a certain conclusion, with or without the thinker
    Unfortunately for society, it cannot control every individual completely. If
    it could, society would have no problems functioning, as all would be wholly
    concerned with the survival of society and would place themselves behind such.
    Yet, even as it cannot control the populous absolutely, society can and must
    control the mindset of the individuals within society.
    This can best be accomplished through the installation of moral or ethical
    guidelines within society. The bringing of right and wrong into the minds of
    the people. Fortunately, humans have an acute awareness to their emotions,
    however, do not always have an acute understanding. Yet, the awareness can be
    implemented in such a manner that reinforces the idea of right and wrong,
    corresponding to the respective conditioned responses given by society.
    The logic for society and its survival is obvious. Organization of the masses
    of people across the world. Society cannot be escaped. Mans need for control
    will always create an organized body that will function, a set of rules for
    interaction between the people within that body, and thus society will emerge.
    However, society does create several byproducts. A populous that is completely
    dependent upon the society, although very positive for the society, is a
    byproduct. Limitations imposed upon the expansion and growth of the individual
    are byproducts, although sometimes positive.
    Yet, the moral individual might ask for ethical clarification about the
    prevention of the growth of individuals within society. The fact is that there
    is no moral justification. There is only the need that must be fulfilled for
    societies sake.
    It seems rather hypocritical that the system that creates and maintains our
    moral standards is not morally justified. However, we find this same form of
    hypocrisy within many of the ethical, yet powerful, organizations within our

    Society, as its existence requires, is oppressive. Although our "free society"
    does not support repression it is necessary in order to sustain the order around
    Yet, what is the difference between a "free society" that oppresses and an
    "oppressive society" that oppresses?
    Perhaps the difference is within the appearance of the oppression. One
    believes in its own freedom, whereas one is forced to accept reality. One is
    morally acceptable and one unethical. One is hypocritical, the other is
    disillusionment. One 'happiness' the other discontentedness.

    My product?

    Product does not matter. Product is absolute, fact. All that matters is
    My product is an unethical truth. An unfortunate necessity. A revelation of
    But all that matters is appearance.