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    Jack K
    13 Mar 2003

    In every closed system each entity plays its role. The system runs and each role feed off the other and the system survives: a living mechanism. Producers, consumers, movers, gatherers, builders, destroyers-all are essential and integral parts of a system. As in a cell, each nutrient and sub-cell structure have destinies due to their specific abilities to become certain parts of the system. Now, these cells themselves have roles in the tissues they form, which in turn form organs. These organs perform even more vital tasks in the continuation of life in a being. This being and how it interacts with other beings in the environment create yet another system. Each system, starting from the small, reflexive world of the cell, to the large, dynamic world of man has its players, each doing what it does best, fitting into the Darwinian niche of survival. One of the most complex forms of system is the one that each one of us lives in every day: society. Society, its structures, platforms, rules, nuances, oxymoron, paradoxes, and needs have been poked, prodded, pondered, hypothesized and theorized since the ancient Greeks. All of this study and experimentation has shown some infallible truths: man will love, man will hate, he will build, he will destroy, and he will fight to survive. Every person in a society does what he can to find a niche and survive. They will find something that they are good at and will adapt to that lifestyle in order to survive. Every facet of man's personality is expressed in a plethora of possibilities for occupation. This occupation may not necessarily be employment, but it is that which one is truly able to fit in and do what one does best. The most important of these truths is that each one of those occupations is as integral to society as the components of the cell are to life. Directly or indirectly, man's occupations are dependant on one another for survival, each one filling a role in society's niches. These occupations are as varied as types of butterfly: doctors, climbers, mothers, murderers, soldiers, dictators, and slaves. Some may not still exist in the traditional sense, but have adapted to survive the changing times. Two major occupations in today's society are as interconnected as day and night: criminal and prosecutor. In this case, prosecutor can also mean enforcer. This world's society depends on having fear of those who commit crime, and having peace in that there are those who are there to enforce the laws in place to protect the innocent and prosecute the offenders of those laws. Insurance agencies, lawyers, judicial branches, security systems, law enforcement agencies (INS, NSA, FBI, DEA, ATF, SBI, Police), and militaries all thrive off of the criminal element. On the other hand the black markets, terrorists, mafias, organized crime organizations, and the countless masses of smaller number criminal affiliates all depend on all the above to make things more expensive, important, symbolic, and the like. Without any type of crime whatsoever, those people who fill the niche of the prosecutor and enforcer will have nowhere to fit in, and thus will die off in one way or another, disrupting the balance of the system; the basic equivalent of killing all the snakes, leaving nothing for the hawk to feed on, which will in turn upset the food pyramid in that system, leading to complete destruction. The opposite cannot happen for the obvious reasons: criminals cannot run around without people to enforce the laws and people to prosecute the offenders, or else they would not be breaking any laws and are no longer criminals. A criminal commits crime because he or she is good at what they do and does not know how or chooses not to survive any other way. The enforcement officer and prosecutor do what they do because they do not know how or choose not to survive any other way. Without one the other will not survive. I am not saying crime is good or that I condone it, all I am saying is that it is a niche that some entities in the system of society are best suited to fill, and that the niche is a necessary part of society and the lives of those within it.

    And I have found that I fit the criminal element niche to a t, and I wonder if I can be content and happy outside this niche, which I have seen as being a dead end one: super thieves and rich old catburglers are movie roles, hardly the reality i have seen