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  • Goodbye. Give 'em hell.
    Jack K
    28 Nov 2005

    Morning. It was so early the sun had not yet burned the fog off my mind, but I could already tell there was something in the air. Can't put my finger on it...
    I jump into my robe.
    "Dad! Dad! Come Quick!"
    I hurriedly follow him to the front porch. The sun has just crested the cherry tree in the neighbors yard. A hint of tulip poplar and honeysuckle hangs in the air.
    "Can't you see them coming Dad?" Desperately.
    "No. No, I don't see anyone."
    The sun tears at my eyes, crawling westward.
    "Well, you can at least hear them, can't you?" Trembling.
    "Well, no, I don't hear..."
    Don't be confused. You have been here before.
    Don't Panic.
    "I don't hear them, son. But I tell you what, how about you go introduce yourself and see what it is they want."
    They were here.
    I could feel them.
    Not yet...
    "Son, just promise me one thing."
    "Um, sure thing Dad, what's that?"
    "Promise me you will take their feet out from under 'em."
    He smiled, waved once, took off his hat and walked into the sun's rays.
    It was time now.
    Not mine of course. My time with those who arrive at the dawn of a new era came and went a long time ago. But that day, that new, bright, early morning they came and shook my Son from his nest. Not a soul stirred on the street as they stomped by, not a leaf fluttered in the still waves of air they moved, not a babe cried in the tremendous silence they excreted from every pore.
    As that sun rose high, my mind was hushed and I could hear the noise of what was to come:
    And the Earth shuddered.

    This is how I want to feel when my son finds those men, those women,, those shakers, those movers of mind and spirit that shake the Earth at its core and knock fruit from the trees so new life may spawn. Hey, I can dream right?