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  • Intelligent Design: An Assault on Reality
    Tom Forbes
    5 Dec 2005

    Accepting intelligent design and rejecting evolution on the basis that is does not fully explain the origin of life is comparable to entirely rejecting Einsteinís theory of general relativity because it is inconsistent with quantum mechanics. The difference though, is that the accuracy of quantum mechanics can be seen in the failure of a centuryís worth of experiments designed to disprove its ability to (almost always) correctly predict the physical world. In short, quantum mechanics is supported by *bum* *bum* *bum* science. This significant distinction is shared by both general relativity and evolution.
    The important thing to understand is that the theory of quantum mechanics does not implicitly state that general relativity fails to accurately describe the physical world at the atomic level, and is therefore false; but instead offers an alternative set of laws to describe the objects in the universe and the forces acting upon them. Intelligent design does not provide an alternative explanation of the origin of life backed by any scientific experimentation or evidence. Instead, intelligent design merely rejects evolution, in our current understanding of its nature, to fully explain every detail of the history and development of life.
    The classical model of gravitation, like many gravitation theories before it, failed to accurately explain all of its observable effects. At no point however, did scientists reject the existence of gravity. The existence of gravity is never disputed; its effects can be seen and felt by even a lay observer. An outright rejection of the existence of gravity is ridiculous; the burden of physical proof is too great. And it is equally ridiculous to reject the theory of evolution. The physical proof of evolution is present in the unique form of every living species and the substantial fossil record that has survived the ancestors of modern life for millions of years.
    Intelligent design is an outright attack against science and reason by the forces of extremist individuals, empowered by the ability of religion to coerce and control the masses, in an attempt to increase this control on society. The paternalistic motives of those responsible for this assault on science and truth represent an attack against the most basic of human rights- to seek and gain a true understanding of the world and the relationship of the individual to the universe. Intelligent design is inconsistent with the freedom every individual should have from intentional deception. The right to thought and discussion free from coercion by outside forces is a core American value and intelligent designís attack on reason and reality is a clear affront to this ideal.