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  • lies , and more lies.


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  • friends or foes.

    4 Jul 2004

    you know, sometimes i ask myself why my friends are like fads. it's like a passing shower. first, you think you have the most beautiful thing in your palms and the next moment, it's's not gone with the wind or anything like that. it has no magnitude, it has no direction. nothing. and you have the slightest idea how the relationship vanished. that really sucks in case you dont know.

    i used to think that god was cruel - he'd take away your old friends whenever he gave you new ones. and awhile ago, i was still pretty convinced by that analogy.

    but you know what, i was so wrong.

    admit it, we're all selfish. nine out of ten times, we deceive ourselves and others by regurgitating excuses that are so lame they've probably been sitting on a wheelchair for the past decade. ' oh .. we're too busy to meet up. besides, yah dah yah dah ..... ' that's rubbish i tell you. it's verbal diarhoea. and ive heard that coming out from myself too many times. hah.

    friends are like .. fashion. people go for the latest, hippiest, trendiest ones that you flash as you go parading on the streets. and whatever that's cool are kept close, and those out of fashion are shoved aside. people adore the new, because it's intriguing. but as time goes by, the interest atttempts suicide. that's sad but as they say, ' it's just too bad.'

    maybe i should listen to people for awhile. they might be right afterall. i really should pick my friends wisely. and of course, stick with my choices. i am sick and tired of spitting the familiar line ' xxx may be a flirt, but xxx's definitely a friend you can count on ' or ' so what if xxx's bitchy ? she's one i enjoy being with. ' that's rubbish i tell you. how much do i exactly know about them ? or how long have i even known them for ?

    sad to say, many of my friends or should i say most of my friends fall in the above categories. and of course there are the few exceptions. you know who you are :D

    friendships are placed before anything because to me, having a complete family is and will only exist as an illusion. i value and truly appreciate those who have stuck by me.