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    20 May 2002

    The next time around, I'd like to try to be..

    A comic book tracer for the last issue of Gaiman's last graphic novel
    A Ferrari technician, changing the tyres at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix
    A make-up artist for Bobbi Brown for the Summer Collection in Milan
    A BBC newscaster at Bush House announcing the end of WW3
    A cameraman for the National Geographic doing a feature on Mount St Helens
    An archaeologist in Ethiopia searching for Eve
    A piano player in the lounge of the Ritz
    A Harley Davidson test driver at the Dead Sea
    A chocolatier at the Godiva chocolate factory
    A mineral water quality supervisor for Evian in the Swiss Alps
    A watch designer in the Swatch factory in Switzerland
    An inn keeper of a Austrian apple strudel cafe
    A marine biologist recording new species off the Cape of Good Hope
    A product designer at SonyCorp in Japan
    A forest reserve protector at the rainforests in Brazil
    A perfume creator at Grasse in Provance creating the next Chanel No. 5
    An English teacher in a Peruvian village in the Andes
    A sous-chef at the oldest restaurant in Tuscany
    A tap dancer in the last Riverdance performance in Dublin
    A wine tester in Champagne or the Loire Valley
    A referee at the World Cup Finals blowing the whistle at the 120th minute Golden Goal
    A zoologist at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, delivering a baby deer

    as with all else the heart lives for