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  • thin lines and us
    ajinkya pawar
    5 Mar 2004

    5/3/2004 10:34 pm

    It seems that, there always exists a thin line, a horizon, a boundary on which we have tread succesfully to get through without jeopardy. Every relation, every result, every event is wedlocked to one of those lines. Most of us dont so it right. They just manage to hang on. Everybody does. Its either their skills at certain ropes or theirs some devine safetybelt that gets through some. If we work on our skills and not take for granted the safetybelts, we would surely be a lot happier. Many of us are lazy enough not to work on those skills, so atleast U could try to see inside of urself. Be grateful.
    I wish all this lines could weave a steady surface for us to dance through. I guess thats what many successful guys do. Align the circumstances, observe the world, follow the truth within.

    Anyways, Everybody has a few dreams in common. Every body wants to be a rock or movie star, everybody wants a fantastic almost fictional spouse. Everybody wants a lil' adventure. Its the inhibition, the fear of being called fool, being outcasted, that downsizes the dreams.
    Human is such a social thing. Even the lonely, the outcasts, the creeps... everyone of them. U might not notice, but its in ur DNA. U cant escape it. U need ppl. U need support. U absolutely need love. U need a sink to vomit ur mind. U cannot escape, and if U try, Ur soul dies.
    I dreamt of leaving everything and going for a secret island of sorts with my soulmate. That kind of stuff, U know... a controlled eternity of solace, of basic human life ripped of any artificiality. A esoteric society with ppl sharing similar interests, with similar values of life. With least friction and maximum souldiving. Deciphering the puzzle of life if U believe it exists. All the good shit...with a lil' esoteric kinda stuffs thrown in.. whole bunch of challenges, the ones after which U emerge happier, wiser and ur souls bloats to Hindenberg.
    What does not kill me, Just makes me tougher.
    But this dream also need others's dreams to merge into mine without bubbles.
    Why else do U think ppl act the way they do. They just cocoon up their own weird shields against being outcasted. Its wierd, isnt it. It makes U alive, it kills U. Another thin line..ohh shit.