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  • Being a baby
    Ajinkya Pawar
    28 Nov 2003

    November 29th 1230 hrs

    I was wondering - being a baby, having no past, no sense of time at all, with those curious innocent eyes & those gentle hands with whom, we would welcome & try to experience any and everything, howsoever alien it may be.
    Then, we don have boundaries, rules, brackets or whatever that defines something as 'something'. We live and act in whichever direction without going in 'future'. We are read to - fantasy stories of the 'past'. These opens up a new world to us, albeit in a semi (essentially) constrained domain.
    Its ironical, that as we grow, though resorting to past at times, we dwell in 'future' more often than in 'present'. We daydream (reverie seems to be second most frequent and consistent thing that occurs with us, second only to breathing..!) or just fantasize future all the time. To get back to present we strive so hard. 'To be in the moment'.'Doing one thing at a time' - though seems simple, simply doesnt happen.
    Now, my quest is to how to get back and stay in the present moment. the one way way is to conc. on your breathing. But I need someway that would sustain that state, all day long, until I want.
    Recently during a visit to Ram mandir.I realised that I could live in the moment, thinking about nothing except for a constant commentary of my mind on my state. I couldnt get that self-consience to quieten. I wanted absolute pure 'nothing'. Well this is good enough.

    Let me know ur views, mail me at