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    7 Jul 2003

    The Jews have been slaughtered throughout history, it still continues. From Egypt to the Holocaust, it seems that the world is out to get us. The current source of the threat is the Palestinians. The only problem with that is that there is no Palestine. Israel was Palestine for 2000 years.
    From here on, the Palestinians are adjacent Jew haters. The adajcent-jew-haters, Palestinians, want their own country, and a pile of dead Jews, but mostly their own country, but wait, they could have had their own country at any time over the last 30 years, but that would involve setting one up and they want one thats already up and running. The adjacent-Jew-haters are just a distraction to keep the citizens of surrounding Mid-East countries from realizing that they are the blue-ribbon, most illiterate, poorest, most tribally-backwards people in the world.
    The fires of hate burn brighter and hotter here than any other place in the world and no one has gloves thick enough to control it for more than a few seconds