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    9 Apr 2003

    I need new jeans. The right knee portions of both my pairs of jeans are starting to wear and tear. Patching denmi is difficult and tends to look all sorts of shoddy workmanship, and after my rather nice sewing job on a favorite grey sweater that I own, I refuse to accept anything less.

    But it is very, very difficult to find jeans that fit the required 29x32 requirements I have. In fact, I believe I've lost weight since I purchased the now tearing jeans, so what I really need is a 28x32. I really didn't bother to look for a 28x32 (though, you think it would be easier, consider both numbers are even numbers) and went to 4 different locations to attempt to find 29x32 jeans. As I searched and search for these jeans I thought to myself, Where is a man's petite store? Women have them. In fact, I can think of three petite women's stores in the area, but I don't know of even a national chain of man's petite clothes. I've seen the "Big and Tall" section, but I've never seen the "Thin and Of Limited Stature" section.

    Why is society punishing me like this? Why isn't there a special catalog or infomerical for people of my waist and inseam? Why is the double standard of petite women more accepted than that of petite men?

    Speaking of silly double standards, why is that the market craves gaunt, pouty-lipped, more-or-less unattractive female models but there is no market for gaunt, more-or-less unattractive male models? Why must they all be Christian Bale look-alikes with brooding eyes and chiseled features? Women complain about how society demands that they be thin and have various cosmetic improvments to be considered attractive.

    Well what about society telling me I have be drop-dead goregous in either the classical way (Harrison Ford or Brad Pitt), the pretty boy way (Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom), the chiseled, rough 'n tumble way (Vin Disel) or the kinda dorky, off-kilter way (Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal). Women complain that they have to live up to the thin model paradigm of perfection. I HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM FOUR!!! And I'm not even cool enough to pull of the last one, damnit!

    I am continually bombarded by television, cinema, and magazines that I have to muscular or just plain cool to be considered attractive and find clothes that fit me in a comfortable manner. This is sheer lunancy. I say let those like me begin to decry that casting of these types of actors or models and demand that people like us be given roles and photo shots! Our time is coming, my brothers! We will prevail!!!

    While the editorial is based on true events, this is by no means to be taken seriously. I am merely poking fun at the idiocy of people comapling about double-standards because they exist, regardless of who you are. Stop bitching about it and move on. Than