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  • Chupacabras in La Palmilla?
    18 Jul 2003

    ***Terror spreads among farmers of La Palmilla, 6th Region. Guard dogs did not bark***
    ***Chupacabras Stomachs 29 Chickens***

    Sedate residents of the La Palmilla sector of the peaceful commune of Rauco in the 6th Region were startled to find 29 hens with their legs in the air, completely exsanguinated and with twin holes on their necks. The peasantry was shocked at the find and without thinking twice, assigned blame to the now-legendary "Chupacabras" who had attacked again.

    They had no doubts in their minds, because aside from the holes, the hens--which were all egg layers--were completly dry, as though some unknown beast had sucked their last drop of blood.

    Still trembling from their fear of the "Chupacabras" and concerned by the loss of the birds, the residents noted that the deaths had occurred simultaneously in two neighboring houses on Tuesday morning.

    What is strange about the matter and causes the belief in a supernatural animal partial to vampirism is that no resident heard nouses, which is very strange given the fact that hens tend to be very vocal if attacked. Even the guard dogs in both houses never realized what was going on, and never made a fuss.

    The first attack affected the home of Maria Carolina Bravo, who lost 24 hens. According to this woman, upon inspecting the henhouse she found a hole through which some animal or the "Chupacabras" could have gotten through. The woman did not hear any sounds eather. Martha Varas was left speechless when she found five dead hens, slain in the same mysterious fashion, in her backyard.

    Carabineros (state police) of the Rauco Barracks appeared immediately and witnessed the inexplicable hen slaying for themselves.

    Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.