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    6 Jan 2004

    So here we are again. Its been 6 days since the new years and nothing has changed. One big disapointment. So lets sit down, we can laugh and we can drink. We'll recall the best of times and forget the worse of times. We can sit and rest. After all, isn't that we all truly want. A little rest. Wouldn't that be grand. Ha! No rest for the wicked. Or no rest for the good. Does it really matter. When was the last time we all slept well, or even slept soundly. When did they become the same?

    So here we stand, on the brink of our lives. The world will stand still as we make our choices, whether they be wise or ignorant. Yet the blade will drop, or the sword in this case. Thankfully this rant will soon end, and none will be the wiser, literally. Yet it never mattered, the time we have is gone, the world won't stop, and no one holds there breathes. The days are long and short, the sweet is sour. It never mattered though, it never will.

    Don't know where im going with this article so I'll stop