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  • The Climb (an obsession)
    Shannon Marie
    29 Aug 2003


    The tree grows taller
    As I clumsily try my luck
    With its knotholes and footholds

    Every day I do this
    I climb only so high
    Until my fear of falling stops me

    I come down
    Defeated and red
    Resolving to succeed the next day

    The morning is as every morning
    The day like every day
    Until I come home from work

    I'm thinking about the promotion
    Should I try for it?
    No, never. Rejection will surely follow.

    I drop my jacket and begin to climb
    I want to get to the top
    I need to get to the top

    The trunk seems wider
    And the branches look longer
    And I halt in a cold sweat

    I know the world must look beautiful from up there
    I start to move again
    No, I will fall

    Down I go again
    To tell myself I'll do it the next day
    And I do try. Every day of my life I try.


    This piece was an assignment for a creative writing class. I chose to write symbolically about a man who wants to make his life better and move up in the world but is too afraid to try.