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    Boo Radley
    29 Oct 2002

    I have always wanted to write but am not exactly sure what about. There are so many things to muse over - life, love, loneliness, mountain bikes, Seiko watches, digital cameras, cars, movies and the list goes on longer than my monthly pay does on an average month. This is my very first attempt at cyber writing and it does feel kinda weird not knowing who your readers are or if your article is even read to begin with. But I have a passion for the written word and I'm utterly grateful for an avenue such as this where I can actually pen down my thoughts and bitch about the general happenings around me.

    Now, a little bit about myself. The booksmiths amongst us will probably tell you that Boo Radley is not my real name and they're right! It's a character taken from a beautiful book by Harper Lee, "To Kill A Mocking Bird". Not at ease about releasing my real name...not yet, anyway...I've decided on Boo Radley, an underdog which lies on the bottom rung in the hierarchy of underdogs. It's not that I do not wish to stand behind my convictions but it's just that this is a virgin effort and as far as virgins go, I may be a word whore but not yet a slut and thus the pseudonym. Once I'm more comfortable, I'll release my name...or perhaps not. An aura of mystery always goes a long way, doesn't it? But do feel free to drop me a mail, I'm a cyber nut and will most probably respond faster than it takes to get a reply from a government agency...though I do work for the government. To tell you the truth, I'm fine and dandy with regards to releasing my name - what's in name, my friend? It's just that people I know may stumble on this and may conclude that I suffer from a medical condition and may secretly make an appoinment for me with the resident shrink at the nearest government hospital.

    I am of the opinion that everyone who visits the GT site is of a common genre though some may stumble upon this site accidentally. Basically, I believe that everyone here is a melancholic...not melancholic as in a sad loser but melancholic as in we take delight in analysing everything, reading between the lines, to overthink and then to pleasure oneself by actually dwelling on a sorrowful aspect of the big picture.

    I'm pretty certain we are all normal everyday people but being of the hoi polloi, we tend to be sorrowful, discontented, forlorn and at times negative. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we suffer from infinite sadness but we tend to be affected, more so than the rest. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. And please screw all notions about the Sensitive New Age Guy thingy cos this is NOT about being a SNAG any more than it is about being a chauvinist pig. But above all else, I rejoice in what life has to offer and I hope you do, too. So have a beautiful day today and for the rest of your life. I will try to update this little site of mine as often as possible and stay beautiful and be nice...cos that's the least that we can do - be nice.