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  • Beautiful
    11 Sep 2003

    You know...


    no matter how much you fuss and put up your hair and do your make up, you'll never be satisfied.

    yes i will, eventually i stop and walk away.

    oh sure, you walk out of here thinking that for once your pretty and confident and on top of the world.

    thats the point of make-up, it makes you feel beautiful.

    why don't you feel beautiful all the time? Why do you need the mask?

    because they don't think I'm beautiful.

    Did you ever give them a chance, did you ever ask?

    I don't need to ask, it's all in the actions, im invisible.

    Yeah, your nothing, your shit, your a mistake. What else is new?

    Don't patronize me

    what are you going to do about it, are you going to cry?

    i wouldn't give you the satisfaction.

    i've seen you cry before

    your the one that makes me cry

    i am you

    thats why i cry....

    It's getting late you know

    yeah, maybe i shouldn't go

    your fears will come true if you don't, if you never leave your room you always will be alone.

    They all think im a joke.

    You think your a joke, you think your nothing, that makes you nothing, you make yourself invisible. It's all in your head.

    I know, but for some reason it just won't go away.

    have fun tonight

    I will

    hey Alyssa!


    Your beautiful.....

    What i say to myself most of the time when i look in the mirror