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  • Happiness and Freedom
    15 Sep 2003

    You look happy.

    I am

    why the sudden change?

    I figured some things out.

    Like what?

    just my issues.

    oh its going to be like that is it?

    I don't have to tell you everything you know.

    no, you don't, but i always find out anyway.

    I just finally learned how to make myself happy.

    How's that.

    oh its easy, i just close my eyes, forget everything i know and everything i've been told, and let myself go.

    sounds more like a disaster to me, knowing you of course.

    i think i would know a little more about myself than you.

    Doubtful, i see you in your greatest moments and i see you when you don't want to be seen. No one knows you better than me.

    i am you.

    In most senses yes, but you can't see yourself except through me, i can see quite independantly of you, provided theres a reflective surface.

    don't ruin my good mood

    I wouldn't think of it, you know what your describing sounds an awful lot like simple freedom.

    Yes i suppose, but happiness is a freedom i grant myself, no one else can give it to me if i don't except it.

    You know....


    your learning.

    i know.