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  • Spotlight Fires
    14 Sep 2003

    I am Beauty
    pure ecstasy
    moon shining in black night eyes
    soft hair flowing down
    i am strong
    in heart and bone
    no pain or sadness controls for long
    i dance open mouthed in burning rain
    and leap into the cold waters of the void
    i am not to be conquered or known
    mystery is shroud
    run around
    scream it loud
    never stop
    never look back
    no regrets
    no cages
    freedom of action and of mind
    i will remain
    never fade
    explode into the dark of your brain
    i overwhelm
    conquer and destroy
    grab you and hold you
    and make myself known
    stay out o fmy way
    run fast
    hide well
    i am a goddess
    i am a dreamer
    i am a raging shooting star