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    J. Frank
    12 Nov 2003

    I've been coming to GT for awhile now and I just signed up for this account. Although I don't have much to add to the brilliant conversations that go on here I'd like to comment on the polls.

    First off, I love them very much. It is very interesting if not often sad. The most recent one has got me wondering, though. I've done a lot in my life. I have this eerie feeling that whatever the future may hold it won't be near as good as what the past has seen. However, I'm still not near satisfied. What have the thirty percent of people who are satisfied done? Do they know something I don't?

    No, my guess is not. I think America is great because it instills in us this sense of always wanting more. Good is never good enough and great is still merely getting there. Of course, it's the enemy of satisfaction but the lord of progress. Satisfaction is just giving up.

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