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    Joey Lee
    18 Nov 2003

    A haunting memory comes to pass,
    And when you are lost there's no time to act,
    All these memories swirling past,
    Old dreams that have crashed,
    Past and present thrown away,
    Much to our inner child's dismay,
    Growing old and envying the young,
    And bitter tales that have been sung,
    Drowning in a pool of thoughts,
    Returning to the past is something you cannot.
    Dreams for the future broken down,
    All because of dreams shot to the ground.
    The present day is bittersweet,
    But the days of past you can't treat.
    Later days will come to pass,
    But not if you forget your past.
    Throw your future away,
    If you don't work hard today,
    There's something wrong, something foreboding,
    And our problems are ever growing.
    All the conflicts from the days of old,
    It festers in our minds like mold,
    Breaking down our society,
    People lacking empathy.
    No one has the will to act,
    No one pays attention to the facts,
    Tomorrow is looking grim,
    And the sun is growing dim,
    Your hopes are dashed,
    Lives are lost,
    Fighting battles for futile thoughts,
    Hollowing the world from the inside out,
    As we say our prayers aloud.
    Tiny efforts are done in vain,
    But no one has responsibility to claim.
    We (humanity) will just be another horrible memory.

    wheeeeeeee... i suck at writing... hooray!