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  • Meggie Cleary
    4 Mar 2004

    I sit here, in my meaningless study hall, randomly typing out words that I will never use.

    I ask myself, what is the use of living? It certainly is not to love someone. God will definantly take away everything that you love. You'll be the God Damned Meggie Cleary of wherever you are.

    The Thornbirds is a book about this girl, Meggie Cleary who loves this priest, Ralph de Bricassart. So good ole Ralph loves her too and they have a son together and she's all like, I have a part of him that the church can never have. And then good ole boy, Dane, her son off and off decides to become a priest.

    Whatever you have, god wants it. Whatever you think you can't live without, you find that you can. and it sucks.