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    The WOLFF
    25 Mar 2004

    Does God exist? …What is the definition of God…? Look around, listen to the stories. About one thing the three big religions agree…God is perfect. Could there be a perfect being? What is perfect?

    Perfect => Without any flaw…or…Where nothing is missing (complete)…. How can this be imagined?? Don't know…we are so far from perfection…

    Does God exist? That is the same as asking if perfection exists… In my opinion there is a possibility that perfection exists… But would we be able to see it, to recognize it? We wouldn't know it if we saw it.

    Is the creature in the stories of the three big ones a God?? In my opinion no is the answer. That what they are calling a God is showing signs of imperfection… it is not complete…it has flaws…(where is Adam? The twin cities, remorse of his own creation) …If God was / is complete, why did he had to create his own followers? They are part of this God, but did not existed before there creation…

    just a quick note