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    The WOLFF
    28 Mar 2004

    All that which the great mass thinks is mainly created by the mass media. The great mass is stupid…(in my opinion that is). If something is presumed "right" by the mass media the great mass takes it over without thinking.

    What is "right"? What is "wrong"? What defines these words (or how is morality created)? It is done by our background, nurturing and all that one hears or sees during his or her life. I've been living all my life in a society that is based on Christianity (the Netherlands). This has consequences for what I think is right or what is wrong! And although there are some points on which I disagree about them being right or wrong, there are a lot of points on which I agree.

    Something this society has tried and succeeded in doing it, is creating the image that we humans stand above animals, that we are no animals. (So have many other societies) I do not agree with this. If you look upon the structure of the western civilization, it looks like an ant colony. Those who work (the drones) are supporting our "queens"…the government. The drones are nothing more that slaves of civilization… Slaves for there society. Those who work are working there hands to the bone…

    To change this won't be easy…maybe even impossible…we are still animals…we hunger for might…Might so we can make others work for us…

    Now to find the solution...