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    The WOLFF
    18 Apr 2004

    Where do we live for? We learn, work, eat, sleep. All in a nice solid pattern. And why? To survive? We didn't need all this knowledge for this. We didn't need this society, but we grew dependant of it. Our will to survive has changed…instead of food, we want money (and we are greedy!). Money is the new way to survive. But we are being told something…we have the freedom to choose…freedom to do what we want. Still most are stuck with the behavior of the herd, the learning, working, eating, sleeping. And we are competitive with our "equals" about what we earn and we idolize those who have a lot of power / money. We dream about things we can never poses…But we let us believe that we can reach that which is impossible.

    Still it is strange that those who can't do anything, but got there power / money through a heritage are also idolized. People even want to be like them.

    The herd behavior is also pushed (fashion). People must look and act like everyone else. Jealousy can also be found here. If people or groups of people are different from another group they usually cannot coincide with each other.

    Fashion is something vague. It seems to mean: We change ourselves to be different from the rest, but don't like anybody that doesn't become like us.

    Still we seem to take this. We won't act against it (why should we, we are all used to it).

    I was completely wasted by alcohol when I wrote (and translated) this, but still thought it had some value...