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    The WOLFF
    7 May 2004

    Unique, that's what I am. Everybody is unique, but it seems the herd doesn't want to see this. They are free, but choose to imitate each other. But why? Why are people afraid to show their real self? And if some does it, why isn't that person accepted? Everybody is different, they just don't want to see it.

    But what about my issue: Am I strong enough to stay unique? Will I become a herd animal, a shepherd or a unique individual? If I become the individual I shall be feared for my unique view by all herds. If I become the shepherd I shall be feared by other herds for my power. If I become a herd animal I shall be feared by no one and have the possibility to learn love.

    Is it worth it? To give up my uniqueness for something like love? Or to give up my uniqueness to become shepherd of animals that cannot think for themselves? This is the choice I now face in my life…

    just written a very depressing mood...