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    The WOLFF
    11 May 2004

    (Authors note: The first two are thoughts, the third is a result from a personality test I did today. The thoughts are, just like my other thoughts here, only thoughts and not great pieces of work…maybe I will do that at some point in the future. On the thoughts itself: The first sentence of the first thought is a reaction on a name somebody used in my MSN contact list. The second thought is just something vague, I wrote it after something that happened today. )


    Life may be just a dream, but we will never wake up from it. We live, then we die…and after that?…Nothing. We always here that we must make something of our lives. We must learn, work, be happy. But why? What will eventually be left of it? Where will my knowledge be? My experiences? Nowhere! (Not even here in this writing)

    Eventually we have one goal, preservation of our specie. All the other things don't count. But what if you don't want to or cannot help to preserve our species. What is the reason for living then? Do you have a right to live then? You'll use and misuse all that the other need for the preservation.

    The dream will become a nightmare once you'll realize humans think they are elevated…That they think of equality while nature makes sure that is impossible. They will keep "evolving", but they loose sight of the original goal. They forget their origin.

    Indeed, by living, by "evolving", we can do much more. Now we not only have to fear nature, we also have to fear ourselves. Thoughts are enough to create thousands of deaths.


    Right again…within two weeks she doesn't like me anymore. And all because I said the truth…and it wasn't even addressed to her…too bad…First feeling insecure, because she called you sweet or nice…creepy…that's what it is…very creepy… I would never call myself sweet…helpful perhaps, but never sweet….or nice. Nice people always seem to want something from you…want to use you…I do not want that.


    (Author: The two most likely to be)

    The Idealist:
    Calm, reflecting himself and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. They strive for to live their life with well developed values. Extremely loyal. Quickly adapting and relaxed until cherished values are threatened. Usually talented writers (Author: not me). Quick spirit and usually see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping a people.

    The Thinker:
    Logical, original, creative thinkers. Can become very enthusiastic about theories and ideas. Extremely skilled and driven in creating theories in understandable language. Put great value in knowledge and logic. Calm and reserved, hard to know well. Individualistic, have no interest in leading or following.