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  • indigo voyeur

    7 Nov 2002

    indigo voyeur
    keep an eye or two for me
    in the night of creeping shadows
    i can feel you loving me
    with burning charcol eyes
    and bony fingers rapping so
    incognito stays the virus
    it's so obvious you know

    indigo voyeur
    with your chin upon your hand
    sitting silently in snowfall
    with your picture perfect plan
    in your eyes danced my reflection
    echoing your every dream
    dirty veins and wilted roses
    everything that you had seen

    indigo voyeur
    how you wore the shade that night
    hiding deep within the hours
    seeking all that you could find
    original and sole
    defying every bleeding heart
    you would follow the contagious
    to the farthest ends of earth