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  • A short scene from Now Desire Ends
    17 Aug 2004


    Stevens surroundings have changed from the castle roof to a long road. He is standing on a long road that seems to stretch from horizon to horizon in front and behind him. To his right is a Railway track that runs along side the road. Beside the railway track is a river that runs along side the track and the road. To has left is a building which is 2 stories high. The road is littered with people that are fighting. Some are using swords and shields others are using Guns of all kinds (e.g.) Pistols, machine guns etc) Others are using their fists or anything they can grab hold of. Most of the people have bloody faces. Dead bodies seem to litter the landscape. When one man kills another he seems to move on to the next.

    Steven runs in horror however he is confronted by one of the soldiers. He is wearing a Viking outfit and is wielding a bow and arrow. He shoots it at Steven. It hits him and he falls to the floor in agony. Blood spews from his stomach. The Viking man moves on to the next person and targets him with a bow and arrow. He is shot dead by a cowboy who is firing a pistol at random people.

    Steven looks up at the building from his immobilised position in front of the building. It has a sign above its door. It displays the words HOME. There are people fighting inside too. Some men are hanging from the windows for their lives. However they are relentlessly and mercilessly thrown to their deaths.

    Steven cringes from the site of the violence and the agony of the would in his stomach. He looks to the left of the building he can see a huge sign post. It points four ways. Each direction displays a different word

    (Winces almost in tears) Oh god.

    A rumble is heard from the distance. Steven scrambles to see what it is. It is a long multi carriage train. It thunders into view. It is so loud it shakes the surrounding areas. It stops right in front of the building. All its doors open.

    The horde of fighting men rush for the train. Some are beating the others with their swords or shooting others it order to get on. The doors of the building open and more men burst through. They continue the brawl until the train is packed with people. Most are still fighting as they are on board the train. The doors close leaving about 20 men left standing next to the tracks. They scramble to the roof of the train. Fighting anyone that gets in their way. The train fires up its engines and starts to roll off. The men inside and on the roof continue to fight. The train rolls off into the distance leaving Steven and the behind.
    Steven waits for a couple of seconds and scrambles to his feet. He pulls the arrow from his chest. He winces as it is dislodged from his chest with a snap.
    Steven notices there are about 50 dead bodies on the road. He begins to walk amongst them to see if anyone has survived. Slow rock music plays (e.g. ONE by METALLICA)

    Steven walks through the mass of bodies. He looks at their faces. Most are covered in blood. Some of the dead are wearing helmets from different ages in history. Some have Modern military helmets others have Viking helmets others look more Roman. Others are dressed as if they were from the wild west.


    There is no reply. Steven is walking with a limp, holding his wound. Blood still trickles from underneath his hands. He investigates the bodies for signs of movement one last time and turns. He walks towards the building.


    Steven enters the door of the building. The inside looks as if it hasn't been used in years. It is desecrated. Blood stains cover the walls. Towards the left of the room stairs proceed to the upper floor of the building.


    Steven walks a few more paces. The light inside is dim. There is a figure lying in the middle of the room. He is wearing a long black overcoat and a hood over his head. He is lying on his side facing away from Steven. Both his arms are resting on the floor away from Stevens immediate sight.

    Are you Ok sir?

    Steven cautiously walks towards the man and kneels down by his side. The man appears to be breathing. Steven carefully moves his hand to take hold of the mans arm. An alcohol bottle falls from his hand and crashes to the floor. Steven notices writing on the mans hand. It reads


    The man turns to face Steven. Steven can now see the mans face. It is his own.

    Help me…

    Stevens eyes swell in horror. Terrified he stands and runs back out of the building.


    Steven runs out of the building. He is still holding his wound he is screaming with terror. He runs across the road and track towards the river. The bank of the river consists of dark and dirty soil. However the river water is clean.

    This is not happening. It cannot be happening.

    Steven kneels down beside the river and uses both hands to scoop water out of the river to wash his face. Steven back at the building as if he is expecting it not to be there.

    He turns back to the river however it is not water anymore. It has now changed to blood. Steven screams again in terror as he lifts his hands to his face. The water on his face has also turned to blood. His face is covered with the a thick red layer of which non of his skin can be seen beneath.
    Screaming Steven looks down the river to identify how the water may have turned this way. He sees a line of heads on the horizon All are made of clay. All are exact replicas of his own head and all are spewing blood out of their mouths.

    Steven finally collapses in sheer terror.

    The camera shows a figure standing on the roof of the building. It is the decomposing body of Steven. His flesh seems to have melted more. His chest is exposed revealing his ribs but is face is in tact enough to recognise his as a paler version of Steven.

    He looks down at his alter ego in a degrading manner. Then lets out a bellowing laugh


    A short extract from a full length film i wrote in uni